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Product Care

Caring for gold-plated jewelry

Due to the nature of gold-plated jewelry, we recommend that you follow the guidelines below to maintain your jewelry.

The chemicals in odorous products such as perfumes, colognes and lotions can react with electroplating and cause jewelry to fade or fade. Human body chemical composition and moisture will also affect the coating parts-higher skin pH balance will greatly accelerate the wear of the coating parts.

In activities involving water (such as showers or pool/beach activities), do not wear gold-plated jewelry, as chlorine and salt water will affect gold plating. When removing jewelry for this purpose, be sure to store it in a dry place. Rubbing or touching hard surfaces may cause scratches or wear.

If necessary, use warm water and non-scented neutral soap to clean the coated items. Pat dry with a clean cotton cloth or microfiber cloth. Most jewelry cleaners contain chemical elements, which will gradually wear out and fade over time.

Following the steps below will help ensure the longevity of the jewelry!

Fettero is not responsible for damage caused by improper care.

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